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Shanghai Ruiye Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd. is the distributor of Germany ENGLER, BARCONTROL, Switzerland TRAFAG, COMPRI TUBE CLEAN. We distribute pressure gauges,hydraulic accessories, along with pressure,temperature, level, flow sensors and switches, test couplings and test hoses,pipeline cleaning systems, ball valves and other products. Our products are widely used in various industries such as construction machinery, metallurgy, ship-building and marine engineering,electric power, railway locomotives, machine tools, and chemical industries,bringing amazing products, great convenience and benefits to customers. We have won the trust and support from our customers by ensuring product quality and binding to the principle of good faith. We are driven by dreams and wisdom. We have been working hard to change the world and strive to make this planet a better place for everyone.

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Shanghai Ruiye Electronlc & Technology Co.,Ltd

Contacts:Mrs. Wang
Address:Room 20A , No. 768,  Zhiyuan Mansion, Xietu Rd, Shanghai, China

Zip code: 200023